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Mobile Companion Massage Kettle

Mobile Companion Massage Kettle

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Use a self-massage water bottle to keep yourself hydrated and feeling good throughout the day.

This is a multi-purpose water bottle designed for people with busy, on-the-go lifestyles and includes a modular massage roller and three free-flowing massage balls.

With a 20-ounce capacity, you can carry enough water with you during a workout or during a long day at the office. You can then use the three built-in massage balls to provide a hands-free targeted massage, perfect for relieving neck pain.

Additionally, there are integrated massage rollers that provide pain relief and muscle relaxation, allowing you to target larger muscle groups such as your quads and back. The self-massage water bottle is made of high-quality materials that are leak-proof, corrosion-resistant, BPA-free, and impact-resistant. Finally, use the integrated carry handle to carry it with you wherever you go.

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